Monday, September 22, 2008

Al Ain Pictures

pictures taken from our band room..

nadaanan ko sa kalye...

bahay ni terence..

Monday, September 1, 2008

nice one!

i saw this photo from a friendster profile of my college friend with whom i have never communicated for a very long while. i was actually infatuated with her back in college and she will remain special to me. but that is not the reason why i grabbed this picture. i was just really struck when i saw it and i couldn't help but grab it and post it here.

it is my principle to ask for the owner's approval before i post their photos here but abet, i'm sorry if i have not asked for your permission in doing this but there is no way that i can contact you and i can't help but post it! i just asked you to add me as your friend in friendster and your messaging service is off.

anyway, i know she won't sue me or kill me or hate me for this so here's the photo...

i don't know how you perceive it but to me... it's effortlessly wonderful!!!