Saturday, March 1, 2014


T’was just like yesterday
When I saw you with that cake.
You looked blooming and happy,
But in you eyes I saw agony.
Looking back through all those years
I was the reason of your falling tears
Threw the times we spent together
‘Coz I left you for another.

As time went by, each passing day
You met another along your way
And as I lurk each time in your facebook
I noticed how he has brightened your outlook.
I must admit that I felt thankful,
The wife I chose not to have is now joyful.
For in the strong arms of a man who I thought was gay
This lovely bride will live happily day by day.

But destiny has its own plan,
Left you again, broken and damned
Those words you exchanged, ‘I do’
Has now become meaningless, too.

As time went by, each passing day
You tried to smile and feel ok
Held yourself up and put the pieces together
Each broken step of the way has clearly made you stronger.
But in your heart you feel the pain
It pumps questions up to your brain
With an unexplainable fear,
Will this bad luck ever disappear?

Suddenly I heard my sister,
‘Take the cake and do not pester’
I was not honest, I could not tell her
The sight of you has made me falter.
Yeah, I know.. I have no position
I have no right to give direction
I won’t object if your conclusion
Is that in your life, I was a poison

But please my dear friend; hear what I need to say
It won’t take an hour, much more a day
Don’t you dare consider your life as a failure
Behind the tears in your eyes, I know there’s a great future.
Broken relationships do not define who you are,
It just reminds you, life’s not a sweet cookie in a jar
Look forward and cast the bad things away,
In no time, I’m sure, you’ll find someone who’ll stay.

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