Thursday, June 14, 2007


it's very frustrating. we were supposed to play in a bar in hilton tonight but we were not allowed because they need to secure a permit first for security purposes. the rest of the band is upset because we have worked hard for this gig. we reheased every friday, the only day that we can rest. we even rehearsed twice during a weekday until 2am i think. i am really ashamed to the rest of the band because i was the one who arranged it. especially to terrence because he is the one who excerts the biggest effort; above all, he is a very busy person being a managing director (i think) in a big company, yet he always gives time to our band. the instruments are in his place and he owns most of them not to mention the electricity that we consume (aside from the beer, hehe) and the noise that we make. aside from that, he always drives us home after the practice even if it's very late and he still has to work the next day. i really admire his golden heart and humility. inspite of his status in life, he has the time to get along with us though he is the only Indian among us. i also salute his talent when it comes to music, he is #1! to you terrence and the rest of the guys, KAMPAI!!! thank you all, i'm happy to be part of this band...

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