Saturday, June 16, 2007

without due respect

last thursday, when our supposed gig was postponed, me and the rest of the band had a night out to treat ourselves over frustration, hehe! thanks to terrence for spending a time with us, i'm sure all of us had a great time and a nice bonding moment.
we moved from trader vics to peach garden in hilton to see the supposed gig venue. they were celebrating the post-independence day and the bar was jampacked and it's very hard to secure a seat. to my surprise, i saw the Philippine national flag hanging on the wall at the stage. i was disappointed to see it hanging there in a room comparable to hell. what made it more annoying is when i saw a group of pinoys in the dancefloor grabbed the flag and held it on top of them while dancing, grabe!!! i know they just wanted to be proud, i know the bar supervisor just wanted to give filipino spirit inside the bar but hey, that is not the proper way and absolutely not the proper place. when i saw that group of people who grabbed the flag i could not stop myself so i texted the bar supervisor and asked him not to let them play with it so he immediately took the flag from those crazy people. yes, the Philippine government is no longer respectable but please let us respect our flag that symbolizes our country. it is our brave ancestors' gift to us so let us give the highest respect to things that we inherit from the people who died for our country.

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