Wednesday, July 4, 2007

rico blanco... the man!!!

i feel extremely sad when i confirmed that Rico Blanco left Rivermaya. actually, i've been hearing the news from friends and even from my wife who watched the news from tv. i just commented 'tsika lang yan, hindi aalis yun' because to me, he is an institution being a part of rivermaya. maybe i reacted like that because i can't accept the fact; until i read about it directly from Rico's page. i have been a rivermaya fan eversince. i adored them more than the eraserheads unlike other friends i have who worshipped the heads. i even refused to watch concerts here in dubai even when bamboo and pne came over to have one because i am saving my time for rivermaya. but now i guess my saved time will be wasted. i know rivermaya will still pursue but i don't think a ricoblancoless maya will be that successful. i know mark is still there but blanco is the one who pens almost everything and he is the genius. i salute all original mayas like bamboo and nathan but it is rico who is the most notable. you can see my previous post, the title is one of rivermaya's songs, proving that i am a certified rivermaya fan. below is rico's statement i got from his multiply account. he is now into painting but still a firestarter for the youth and continuously serves as our LIWANAG SA DILIM

Dear friends, i am no longer with the band and management of rivermaya. I have been with the group from the start, and after 14 great years, I am now quite excited about the chance to finally do other things with my life, pursue endeavors outside of the entertainment spotlight, a desire I have made known to my group as early as 2005 and have already postponed several times. I will surely miss the music and the fans and will always cherish the experience. I hope you will continue supporting the group and the whole of opm. My work is done. Thank you for all your incredible love and support.

i will continue supporting rico as well as the rivermaya and i will also mention bamboo..

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