Wednesday, July 25, 2007

to be or not to be

i was watching tv this morning while having my breakfast. the program was The Correspondent and they featured the gifted children or geniuses. one of the interviewees was Shaira Luna. if you guys remember, she was the youg girl who knows almost everything, she played the piano, violin, flute and the drums at a very young age. she was in college at the age of 13 taking up medicine. she is very popular before because of her intelligence and she is a frequent guest of various TV shows back then.

but when i watched her on tv this morning, she has changed. she said that she is not that girl anymore. she got tired of what she was doing. her mind was opened when she went to college. actually, she is now a photographer. can you imagine that? she dropped everything - big dreams, great opportunity and popularity just to be a photographer. because according to her, that is the only thing that made her happy. she can learn everything easily but never sticked to doing it for a year except for photography. what made me admire her is her statement that if you are a genius who concentrates on your mental capacity, you are missing half of your life. if that genius goes out in the street, he'll be lost so it's better to be street-smart. according to her, hindi raw naman kailangan na deretso ang tinatahak mo, it is not bad to move around and see things. and i really admire her for that. she did a very brave move to choose what she is doing now.

it's wonderful. people tend to own mountains but they will later realise that a simple flower planted in a pot is the only thing that really makes them happy. let us live our lives to the fullest but let us make sure that what we do is what we really want. knowing everything is non-sense, all you need to know is what you need to know.. bahala na kayo umintindi dun!!!

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