Thursday, August 2, 2007

umaaraw, umuulan

yesterday was absolutely not my day. i don't know but i was totally messed up yesterday. i tried to start a bright day by wearing a poloshirt that i have not worn for a long time but everything went upside down when i got to the office. my computer brokedown and the rest of the day fucked up! i am not a computer wiz so what can i do, i was running back and forth to the computer shop and who will cherish that?! i remember a line in a maya song... 'ginapang mong marahan ang hagdanan para lamang makidlatan sa kaitaas-taasan'

my depression only stopped when i saw this picture. my niece sent this after they visited the site where our dreamhouse is being constructed. it felt amazing to see this

and months from now, it will be like this...

it really felt amazing looking at this photo. knowing that this will be your home.
the photo is like a magnet that pulls me. i can't wait to be there and make this house a home together with my wife and hopefully together with our child, if it is God's will...

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