Saturday, November 21, 2009

choose wisely

i excused myself from joining the group on our next gig because of some family matters that came up. i wanted to be 'of service' to my niece who is having this huge problem caused by her carelessness so i chose to leave the band for a while and i told them that i can not focus on playing when things are bothering my mind.

but it turned out that my niece gets irritated of me being 'of service' to her. what's the matter? i just wanted to lend a hand, we are here.. your family. we are not your enemies but you treat us like one. in the first place we are not the ones who caused this problem but you and yet you are the one acting like we always have to please you. that's fine with me! anyway, i am doing my duty just to assure my sister not to worry about her wise and brave daughter. i am worried more with the parents because the culprit acts like nothing happened and the depressed parents spend sleepless nights thinking of what happened to their daughter.

nobody's perfect. it means me and you and them. but in spite of the imperfection that we have, we have to be brave enough to face the consequences in the right way. and with that excuse that i made from my group, it caused trouble finding a replacement. and the gig is fast-approaching. but none of them pressured me to play, i only heard 'we'll be fine.. you have to deal with your personal issues if you need to' even though i can see that they are suffering. so i want to be brave enough to give my service to the ones who need it than reserving my self to someone who doesn't even care.

tuloy ang ligaya!

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