Sunday, May 20, 2007

be proud!!!

hi, i've been silent for a couple of days. nothing runs into my mind, i had two boring days, hehe. yesterday, i was busy reading about baybayin commonly known as alibata. i was just reading in wikipedia (i usually go here when i have nothing to do) clicking things that catch my attention until i ended up seriously reading that article about our ancient writing. i found it interesting because a Canadian, Paul Morrow, who loves Pinoy culture, is using this kind of writing as his signature. There is no Filipino blood running in his vein, he simply loves the Philippines and he learn Tagalog by himself. In fact he has a website about baybayin and Philippine history and the articles are all in Tagalog convertible to English. my interest grew bigger and bigger while reading it especially when i read about that copperplate inscription found in Laguna De Bay in 1989. the inscription was made way back april 21, 900. can you imagine that? it just means we were not fools when the Spaniards came. the scroll was discussing something about debt settlement and mentioned there were places like Tondo, Pulilan and Paila in Bulakan, etc. although the language used there was not purely Tagalog (mixture of Tagalog, Malay and Java) and the writing was not in alibata --it was more advanced, which only shows that they were the people occupying our country at that time. there were arguments that they were foreigners or the scroll was but for sure they were Filipinos because they were talking about the places that exist until now, which are part of the Philippine archipelago without a doubt! we already had accountancy, rules, formal public documents and we know how to write 500 years before the Spaniards came contrary to what they claim that we were stupids.
unfortunately, that kind of writing disappeared and was replaced by a simpler alibata - the one that we were using when the Spaniards came. it is very enlightening to learn things like this! it makes you proud that you are Filipino, imagine how rich our civilization was? what makes me sad is the whitewashing done by the Spaniards. if they never came, maybe we were able to keep our own culture standing on our own identity. anyways, thanks to people like Paul Morrow. he is amazing, he is a lot prouder of the Philippines than most of the Filipinos are! he knows more about our country than any of us... shame on us!!! my salute and high respect to you, Gat Paul Morrow!!! In case you want to visit his site:

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