Saturday, May 26, 2007

good things

yesterday was a busy day for me. we had a band rehearsal and it's really tiresome. we are preparing for a gig on independence day (12th june) in peach garden bar in hilton hotel. me and the rest of the guys are excited about this because we haven't played for a while now and what makes it more exciting is that we are going to play in a bar. we haven't played in a closed space eversince and we were just using our small amps and speakers so i hope we sound good when we play there. well, i wish our band good luck and success on this gig because i'm the one who arranged this commitment, hehe!!!

after the rehearsals, i rested for a while at home with my wife and then i went to the event that i organized in the same bar. me and oliver (peach garden) started this karaoke singing contest last year and this is already our second season. our opening was a success!!! the bar was jam-packed and the program was just fine! thanks to our partner, mr. salim of aladdin restaurant, eventhough i did not get a chance to meet him because of the thick crowd. i hope this brings good product exposure and of course more sales on my part! thanks to people like oliver and manny and of course to mr. salim also.. though i'm alone here in al ain branch, my marketing through events is not dormant. thanks to the judges also, who never expected anything in return. well, it's a long contest, there are still seven weeks to go. i hope everything will run smoothly and i hope i can handle this properly with the help of those guys that i mentioned, without help from our head office, hehehe!!! anyway, thanks to isabelle for texting; honestly speaking, it morally helped.

today is my brother's 40th day of resting in peace. we miss you very much kuya!!! maraming salamat sa magagandang alaalang iniwan mo sa aming lahat...

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