Tuesday, May 15, 2007


yesterday was my birthday. i turned 28 twenty-eight days after my brother died.. he died a day before my father's 6th death anniversary and they both died because of cardiac arrest. i don't know what's the connection in it basta ang alam ko masakit ang mawalan ng mahal sa buhay. both of them lived a life full of success at sila ang masasabi mong mga taong walang kaaway. it is very common that people say 'sayang namatay sya, ambait pa naman nya' after somebody dies but i can say that they were indeed mabait not because they are already dead. ang kuya ringo, namatay sya na malayo sa amin, very sudden. i was at work reading something in wikipedia (i think it was an article about magnets) when i received a text from my kuya edgar: tawag ka samin, urgent. re ringo. so i grabbed my phone and walked out of the office to call thinking what the matter could be but i was not thinking of death because kuya edgar (my brother-in-law) is my joking buddy. but when he was speaking to me in a very serious tone, it changed my mood.. i knew it was something bad and the next words changed the rest of the day until now. what was more painful is the fact that we can't even see him before he was buried nor visit his grave on all soul's day. he died and was buried in the land of kiwis far from home... away from home...

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