Thursday, May 17, 2007

doctor prescribed irritants

ay napaingo!

my brother was supposed to leave for Saudi today. it was his first time to go out of the country and he just applied for work through an agency. he got lucky so the agency booked him to travel today along with the others. inside the airport at the immigration, he was questioned because they have a name same as my brother's in their record with estafa case. so my brother called the agency to send his NBI clearance (just a recent one) through fax, which they did. but still, they held my brother and never allowed him to travel asking him to get a clearance somewhere, i think in Intramuros. it was really irritating!! after all the preparation and the excitement this thing happened to him. i don't know what system do we have in the Philippines now but as far as i know, you will never get a passport if you will not secure a clearance from NBI that you are allowed to travel abroad. if my brother's name has a record then they should have questioned him at that point while he was asking for the clearance and they could have asked him to get a clearance that they needed from whatever office is it that issues a clearance much honored than the one from NBI; in that case, the problem could have been rectified earlier before he prepared himself to travel.
anyway, my brother can still travel and go to Saudi but hey, i know he was so depressed and emotionally frustrated that time. actually it's not only him, the rest of the family was also upset because of that. it stinks! but maybe it was actually for safety or the SOP in the immigration, maybe i'm just reacting like this because it's my brother who is involved. what if it was not my brother? what if it was actually the person that was listed in their record? the person will still remain at large 'coz they gave him a chance when they asked him to get a clearance instead of detaining him. i should still be thankful, they did not detained my brother, hehe!! anyways... i just hope that my brother travels in a couple of days. i'll pray for that kuya!!

name game

after i have learned of the luck that my brother had, i received a circular from our Head Office. attached to the circular that they sent through email was the minutes of the meeting that they had days ago. while reading the minutes, which contained list of committees and its members and objectives, i was really confused because almost all of the members listed were pertained to with their initials just like our big bosses. i know that when you are a company owner or you hold a high position in the company (or in the country like GMA, FVR) you are pertained to with your initials but for heaven's sake they enjoyed doing it with themselves, too!!! some of them are wannabes who thinks that they are an asset to the company and they should be treated with high respect. they didn't know that they are not relaying clear information because of their power tripping with their initials. they just give confusion and irritation to their subordinates. i thought they were still pertaining to a person when i read IT and WWW, hahaha!!! i just hope they realize that they are still far from reality to use that first-letter-of-the-name title. just give it to our big bosses, guys! they deserve distinction from the rest of us...

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(it could be Rudolph the Reindeer, Ramon Revilla or Ronald Reagan... i told you it's confusing!!!)

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susie said...

it's really sooo irritating for anybody who has been issued an NBI clearance and a passport and yet will be questioned when your about to leave!
After what had happened to our brother, now i laughed at him when it striked into my mind. At the NBI-airport lobby he was asked "Nagtrabaho ka ba sa gobyerno?". He replied "Oho". Bingo!, the name appearing in our records with the same name as yours also worked in a government office has a estafa case!
So what is katawa-tawa?
Answer: Feeling nya cguro he's being interviewd still related to his work abroad, akala nya additional points pag nalamang nagtrabaho sya sa gov't office, hehehe.shhhshhhhhh..just between us.